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Ron’s Story

Ron was a construction worker who was driving to church on a bright Sunday morning when his truck was rear ended by a catholic nun. Ron suffered a whip lash injury to his neck and back from the impact of the collision. He incurred approximately $10,000 in medical bills. The first $5,000 was spent on his family doctor and physical therapy and Ron spent another $5,000 for chiropractic adjustments. In the end Ron still had some residual back and neck pain and the doctor said Ron had a 10% permanent disability to his body as a whole. That means Ron is going to have to have some ongoing back and neck pain for the rest of his life. The defendant’s insurance carrier offered to settle for $13,000. They believed Ron’s injuries and pain had more to do with prior back injury than due to this accident. They also believed that since Ron had been working with his back in construction for more than 30 years his back was probably bad anyway. We represented Ron’s case to a jury in Lancaster County, Nebraska and the jury awarded Ron in excess of $100,000.

Ron came to the Pearson Law Offices for help and for justice.

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