Dangerous Drugs

Lincoln, Nebraska, Dangerous Drugs Litigation Attorney

Dangerous drugs can result in serious injuries including permanent brain damage, heart failure or wrongful death. If you or someone you love has suffered and injury due to a dangerous or defective drug, you deserve maximum compensation for your injuries or losses. My name is Gary R. Pearson, and I bring over 30 years of experience to protecting the rights of victims who have suffered complications and side effects of dangerous drugs.

Dangerous drug litigation against large pharmaceutical companies and multiple defendants can be complex. I have significant experience in handling complex litigation and drug recall cases related to Fen-Phen and other defective drugs. Contact me for a free consultation regarding your case or claim. 

Complex Drug Litigation and Investigations

I will consult with witnesses and work with experts as I begin an investigation into the facts of your case. I will also collect the necessary medical information including your medical history and treatment notes. If you have suffered an injury, you deserve maximum compensation for your lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical needs. I have represented thousands of clients in complex litigation related to dangerous drugs and I can effectively assert your rights.

Maximize Your Compensation and Protect Your Rights

Many clients who suffer injuries caused by dangerous drugs do not realize the full extent of compensation to which they are entitled. As an experienced attorney, I know how much your case is worth and can effectively assert your rights against the large pharmaceutical companies. It is critical that you consult an attorney who has specific experience with this complex area of law so that you can protect your right and maximize compensation for your injuries and losses. For more specific questions about dangerous drugs, please visit my drug alerts information page.

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