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Drug Description: It is a contrast dye injected into the patient and acts as a contrast agent so that when it is absorbed in the patients’ unhealthy or damaged tissue, the result is that these affected areas appear in the very bright way on the MRI results, making it much easier for the doctors to reach a clear and definable diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition.

Side Effect:

It can result in death. There is no known cure. In May 2006, the Danish Medicines Agency reported that it had learned of 25 cases where patients who had been in contact with the chemical contracted Nephogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) and this condition affects patients suffering from kidney failure. It is sometimes referred to as Nephrogenic Fibosing Dermopathy (NFD) and the results of contracting this condition can be severe.

May 23, 2007 the FDA announced a public health advisory regarding patients with kidney disease and the MRI contrast dyes. The FDA now requires a black box warning on all MRI contract dyes that contain gadolinium.

Although the disease itself is not fatal, the consequential results can be, as below you’ll see a few of the problems that have arisen in patients who have this condition:

  1. Within weeks of onset, many patients become dependent on a wheelchair
  2. Several patients have died because of complications from factures after falls triggered by their mobility problems
  3. Many patients complain of maddening pruitus and/or causalgia

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