Kidney dialysis is an important procedure for patients with kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD).  Patients with kidney failure run the risk of acidosis, or too much acid in their blood.  In patients with healthy kidneys, these acids are neutralized by natural bicarbonates.  Patients with kidney failure depend on dialysate additives such as GranuFlo and NaturaLyte to convert to bicarbonates in order to cleanse the blood of these acids.

Fresenius’ GranuFlo reportedly causes an excess of bicarbonates in the body, which can cause dialysis patients to become alkylotic.  This alkylosis, in turn, can cause dialysis patients to experience ventricular tachycardia (“v tach”, characterized by rapid heartbeat) and ventricular fibrillation (“v fib”, characterized by a severely irregular heartbeat), both of which can be life-threatening.  Fresenius’ own medical staff determined that its GranuFlo presented a six-fold to eight-fold increase in the of severe cardiac events.

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Pearson Law Office is actively reviewing claims nationwide on behalf of kidney dialysis patients who suffered sudden cardiovascular events during dialysis or within 72 hours of receiving dialysis treatment. Some patients receiving GranuFlo, a dialysis additive manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care have experienced sudden cardiac arrest, heart attacks, and even death during or shortly after undergoing kidney dialysis with GranuFlo and NaturaLyte.  Fresenius’ GranuFlo was used in Fresenius-owned kidney dialysis centers throughout the United States as well as in other dialysis clinics not owned or operated by Fresenius. Fresenius is also the leading supplier in the U.S. of kidney dialysis products and kidney dialysis machines, and Fresenius’ GranuFlo is the most widely prescribed product in the dialysis industry.

If you or someone you love had a heart attack, sudden cardiac event, or died while receiving kidney dialysis treatment or within 72 hours of receiving kidney dialysis, contact Pearson Law Office to investigate your claim.  There is never any out-of-pocket expense to you and we only receive attorney fees when we successfully recover for you. We are reviewing cases nationwide.


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