Railroad Crossing Accidents

Train Wreck

Approximately 100 car-train accidents occur each year in the state of Nebraska, many at unmarked railroad crossings. Without fail, railroad companies and their insurers are quick to act after these accidents. Their goal is to minimize or avoid responsibility at the victim’s expense. After a train crossing accident, it is important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible so that you have someone working to protect your rights and so that the difficult of reconstructing that accident and preserving critical evidence can begin.

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Holding Railroad Operators Accountable for Negligence

One of the favorite tactics used by railroad companies and insurers to minimize or avoid responsibility for train crossing accidents is to simply claim that the driver of the car or truck was at fault, that “they tried to beat the train.” Unfortunately, this argument can sometimes hold sway with jurors, who like everyone else — do not like sitting in their cars waiting for a train to pass.

However, the majority of train accidents — especially those occurring at unmarked crossings — are the result of negligence by the railroad carriers and nothing else. As your attorney, I will aggressively challenge the railroad’s version of events and vigorously protect your rights and interests throughout the process.

Preserving All Evidence,
Reconstructing What Happened and Why

Prompt investigation of these accidents is critical. I will take immediate action to preserve and collect evidence at the scene, identify and interview potential witnesses and review all relevant documents, including official investigation reports and records of any local government hearings related to the crossing where the accident occurred. I will also work with accident reconstruction specialists and other appropriate experts to independently investigate and evaluate what happened and to achieve the goal of maximum compensation for you and your family.

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