Wills & Probate

Lincoln, Nebraska, Wills & Probate Attorney

Many people are understandably reluctant to contemplate their own demise with the creation of an estate plan. However, if you fail to create an effective estate plan, your loved ones may suffer. At the law office of Gary R. Pearson, I provide experienced advocacy and sound counsel in helping my clients prepare a comprehensive estate plan that will protect their estate, provide medical directives in the case of incapacitation, and secure wealth for future generations.

I will take the time to help you review all of your options and alternatives in estate planning. When you are entering probate or litigation, I can protect your rights and effectively settle the estate. Contact me for a free consultation or case evaluation.

Estate Planning

As an experienced wills and probate attorney, I provide experienced advocacy to protect the rights of my clients in the creation of wills through the probate process. I can handle estates of any size and I have extensive experience in complex estate planning including tax planning and estate tax issues. I will assist you in the creation of wills and trusts, guardianships, conservatorships, medical directives, Medicare and Medicaid planning, and securing wealth for future generations.

Probate Administration

In probate administration my responsibility is to guide the executor/executrix (known as a personal representative in some states) through the probate of the decedent’s Last Will and Testament; help him or her discover the debts of the estate (including any taxes); establish an estate account to pay the debts; and collect and distribute the estate assets following the decedent’s wishes set forth in the provisions of the will. I will also notify all of the heirs and keep them abreast of the progress made in settling the estate.

It is of great benefit to all of those who are entrusted with the settling of an estate, whether named by the will or appointed by the probate court, to have direction from a competent attorney while navigating the legal requirements, including meeting various deadlines such as inventories and tax filings. I have over 30 years of experience with settling estates and can provide you with the services you need. Contact me for more information about probate or probate administration.

Will Contests and Litigation

In addition to estate planning and probate administration, I also represent clients facing will contests or will disputes. If you are the spouse or child of the deceased, or if you are a beneficiary or personal representative of the estate, I can help you protect your rights and interests in the estate administration process. I have extensive experience in cases involving duress, lack of competency to create a will, and other circumstances that may invalidate a will.

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